Wedding Guest Information

Della Terra would like all of our wedding guests to enjoy a unique celebration, have fun and be safe. The following guidelines are being provided to help you prepare for a beautiful, fun Colorado Mountain Wedding.
Link to directions - Please note that your GPS will state that you have arrived at Della Terra Mountain Chateau approximately one mile before you actually arrive.
Free Transportation
The Town of Estes Park provides free shuttle service each summer to assist residents and visitors in traveling around Estes Park. Shuttles travel from the Estes Park Visitor Center, 500 Big Thompson Avenue, to more than 50 stops throughout Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Shuttles make it convenient for residents and visitors to leave their vehicles at a lodging facility or parking lot and travel around town during the busy summer season. The Estes Park Free Shuttle runs June 29 - September 9. Della Terra Guests can access the Red Route from the Fall River Visitors Center. Click here for more information
Link to weather - Please come prepared for the weather. There is a large coat closet at Della Terra for your boots, coats, hats, gloves, scarfs and umbrellas.
Arrival time
Please plan on arriving 20 to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Photography is usually taking place up to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. Early guest arrival can interfere with the photography time and the couple’s privacy.
Early Arrival
If you arrive early, please stop by The Gateway Visitor Center, The Fall River Visitor Center or The Trailhead Restaurant directly across the street from Della Terra until time to arrive for the ceremony. If wedding guests arrive at Della Terra early, they will be asked to wait in the ceremony or reception area. Della Terra does not have a public bar, restaurant or other area for wedding guests to wait in.
When you arrive at Della Terra, the transportation staff will instruct you where to park. The transportation staff will pick you up at your parking spot and take you to the ceremony location.
Handicap Guest Parking
Handicap guests will be given the option of designated parking area or assistance from event parking area. Please discuss the options with traffic control upon arrival to determine which area you would prefer.
Changing and dressing
Please come dressed for the event. There is not a changing or dressing area for wedding guests. Please come prepared for the weather. There is a large coat closet.
Alcoholic beverages
Della Terra has a Colorado liquor license and is required to provide and serve all alcohol on the premises. Please do not bring your own alcohol. Della Terra is required to take the alcohol from you or ask you to leave the event immediately. If your host has elected to have a bar at their event, the Della Terra event bar will open after the ceremony, unless a pre-ceremony hosted cocktail time has been planned. Remember our high elevation and mountain roads. Drink slowly. Drink lots of water, water is available at the bar at all times. Eat through- out the evening.
Designated Smoking Area
Located directly outside the reception room on the Celebration Patio by the stone waterfall is a designated smoking area for wedding guests to enjoy. Smoking is not permitted in any other area.
Child safety
Children must be under adult supervision at all times. There is not a separate event area for children at Della Terra. There is not a separate babysitting area at Della Terra. Babysitting is not allowed in the Della Terra chateau guest suites. Children will enjoy the celebration and have fun at the event, while under careful adult supervision.
After event parties
There are no After Event Parties allowed at Della Terra. When the event is over, all wedding guests will need to depart the premises. All guests will be required to depart from the event area of the chateau. Transportation staff will be available to take you to your car. In respect of the chateau suite guests, access to the suite section of the chateau will not be permitted. If an after event party has been planned, you will need to check with your host for its location.
Chateau Guest Suites
The luxury suites in the chateau are beautiful, romantic suites designed for couples to enjoy. The following restrictions apply to the luxury guest suites in the chateau: Two person maximum occupancy, no overnight children, no babysitting, no smoking, no pets, and no candles (flameless candles are fine). Quiet time in the Chateau guest suites and common areas begins at 10pm. After event gatherings or parties are not allowed.
Health Effects of High Altitude
At the high altitude of Colorado Mountains everyone is affected to some degree. As you go to the higher altitudes, the barometric pressure decreases, the air is thinner and less oxygen is available. At elevations of 8,000 plus feet many symptoms may occur including: breathing faster and more deeply which results in shortness of breath and exertion, headache, nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual tiredness (this is more commonly referred to as AMS or acute mountain sickness). These symptoms should go away in a day or two. If symptoms persist or worsen a physician should be consulted. Even a short visit to the doctor can save the rest of your trip.

A more serious condition is called HAPE or high altitude pulmonary edema, recognized by a wet cough, increasing shortness of breath and a feeling of fluid building up in the lungs. Other signs to watch out for are disorientation and confusion. If any of these symptoms occur, seek medical attention immediately. HAPE is easy to treat but left untreated can be life threatening.

Transportation staff will be available to take you to your car. Please, do not drink and drive. If you plan on drinking, please designate a driver. Please note the shuttle and taxi services available in Estes Park to arrange transportation from the event. You may always leave your vehicle at Della Terra and pick it up the next morning. Remember, you will be drinking at high elevation and leaving on mountain roads, please plan ahead.
Area Activities
Plan to stay and enjoy our beautiful area. The following information will help you plan and enjoy your time at Della Terra, Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park.