Exploring Onsite or Offsite Catering for your Wedding Day

At Della Terra, couple’s have 2 options for catering. Couple’s can either utilize our in house Della Terra Catering Menus or you are able to work with an outside full service caterer (must be approved by Della Terra). Della Terra’s in house catering service is in addition to the Facility Rental Package Fee.

Della Terra In-House Catering:

Della Terra’s Catering Menus feature mountain steakhouse fare.

Please email us at: catering@dellaterramountainchateau.com for menus and more information

(link to current menu below)

Offsite Caterers:

We require full service caterers and they must meet certain health department and insurance requirements. Please do not sign a contract with your caterer of choice without contacting Della Terra to be sure they have met our requirements and are in good standing with us. Any business listed on our website is in good standing with Della Terra and may be contracted with. If the caterer you have chosen is new to Della Terra, we would be happy to meet with them to be certain they qualify.