Louisianna Style Wedding in the Rocky Mountains

In July we had the privilege of having Claire Elyse Photography capture a  beautifully detailed wedding at Della Terra. The bride’s family is from Louisiana, and they brought their New Orleans traditions to the Rocky Mountains!

A few years ago, a girl and a boy boarded a plane. What started as a normal nerve-racking business flight for the girl soon became the moment she would meet a boy that would change everything. Eric was at a gathering of friends a couple years after he met Meghan. He saw her across the room, walked up to her, and said “you’re the girl from the plane.”It turns out Eric and Meghan worked at the same firm. Every now and then Meghan would travel for business and Eric would wait for her at the gate of that same airport with sunflowers in hand….until the day he met her there with something a little different. He had sold his motorcycle for a ring and the rest is history….

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