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Welcome to Estes Park and Della Terra for our beautiful fall and winter. Della Terra sustained no damage during the storm, Fall River Road and all of our utilities are fully operational. Estes Park is beautiful and businesses are welcoming guests.
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Estes Park Wedding Planning
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Della Terra is the perfect setting for the Bride and Groom to design and plan an exceptionally unique wedding experience. Your Wedding Plan may be your first creative journey together as a couple. Carefully design a celebration that suits your budget, style and tastes. Each detail can reflect the heart and soul of a new couple.

There are endless opportunities when planning a wedding at Della Terra. To assist couples in planning, we provided tools and resources in this section for your consideration. As outlined in Michelle Rago’s book, “Signature Weddings”, creating your vision starts with a discernible foundation that is comprised of several core considerations:
The Checklist – to assist you in overall planning and the creation of smaller checklists. Use our checklist as a guide.
  • The Budget and Facility Cost Comparison – to determine your financial boundaries and ensure you have factored in all cost, especially those related to your facility. Use the Della Terra Sample Cost Comparison to ensure you have identified and understand the true costs associated to your reception and ceremony.
  • The Season, the Setting, the Situation – Della Terra truly is the perfect backdrop for every season. The season you select influences your choice of color, texture and flow. The setting you choose influences mood and ambiance. The situation allows you the freedom to choose the style of the wedding you want, at the time you want. Della Terra is a place where all of these elements can be personalized to create your wedding day bliss. Refer to our planning guide for considerations and ideas on how to incorporate these elements into your Wedding Plan.
  • The Elements – Della Terra gives you the opportunity to personalize your wedding to reflect the essence of you, your fiancé and your families. You can create the elements of your wedding: your story, your past, your history, your heritage; your story together as a couple; your characteristics and preferences, your interests and passions, the things you adore. Again, refer to the Della Terra planning guide to walkthrough innovative concepts and ideas.
  • The Colors – The magnificent beauty within the walls of Della Terra and surrounding Della Terra is the perfect compliment for any color scheme you choose for your wedding. Let your colors reflect who you are.